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Our Story

Carolina Clutches, LLC is located in Columbia, South Carolina and we create 100% handmade bags and accessories. Carolina Clutches was founded on my love for fashion, faith, and functionality. As a graduate of the University of South Carolina, where football is LIFE, I attended tailgate after tailgate and watched young ladies all dolled up in their cute dresses and boots with their phones and keys in their hands. Purses were not allowed in the I watched as the ladies ate, drank, and socialized…and put their phones and keys down haphazardly.  Many walking away without them!!  I thought to myself these girls are way too cute to not have a nice bag that complements their outfits AND conveniently holds their belongings!! Why not create a nice fashionable but functional bag that they can carry with them!!  It was then that...Carolina Clutches was born! I started with small wristlets and eventually evolved into larger scaled clutches, crossbody bags, totes, and I've since ventured into other accessories and garments.

Our goal is to be a head to toe brand that marries versatility with fashion AND function. 100% handmade statement pieces that are guaranteed to turn heads and steal the show!! Since every item is hand cut and handmade…no two are ever just alike.  It makes the product as one of a kind...and as unique as you are!!  

Want something for the office or the new baby?...We’ve got you covered with a classic or statement tote.  Day of shopping with friends?...No worries...Opt for a convertible crossbody which can turn into a clutch by removing the strap. Date night with your babe? Try a fun pouch or cowhide foldover clutch.  Formal occasion?...Don't worry girl...We've got you with a gorgeous sequin or leather statement clutch. Game day??...YES...there is a small stadium clutch with a crossbody strap or wristlet strap!  Are you the bare minimalist?...Try a small keychain coin pouch or card clutch. Need some earrings or a leather bracelet to wear with an outfit or a special gift for the special guy in your life? Yes!...I do that too!!  

No matter the occasion…we bring the CLASS, SASS, and PANACHE!!!

CAROLINA CLUTCHES will have you in the finest, most unique accessories AND have you making a statement...without saying a single word!


I am Tashana Jamison, a third generation seamstress, originally from the small town of North, South Carolina (which is also the birthplace of Eartha Kitt).  I am the owner, designer, and creative maker behind Carolina Clutches, LLC.  Growing up, I watched my mother creating garments for her customers and family.  She would show me how to stitch things but not once did I take an interest in learning anything. Fast forward some years...I graduated from the University of South Carolina, got a pretty good corporate job, got married, and started a family. Everything moved really fast and I was really blessed from the outside looking in. BUT behind the scenes…I was miserable. Relationship rocky, I hated my job, I didn't feel like I was the best mother, and I totally lacked peace of mind.  After the birth of my youngest, I remember praying for God to reveal my talent and His purpose for my life.  I started doing arts and crafts more with my oldest daughter and starting to use sewing as an escape from my current reality.  Fast forward life a bit: divorce was filed, I lost my decent paying job of 16 years on Friday, April 13th of 2018, and things were spiraling out of control fast. It seemed as if nothing was going right and I was at my lowest of low.  Here I was a separated single mother of 3 young children going through a nasty divorce, no financial support...How was I going to make ends meet?? I remember crying for 5 mins and then saying, "Why am I crying? I hated that job!!!...SO!!...Now what, Tashana??!!"  I had a talent. I had to support my children. I now had the time to focus on my craft… AND I wanted to show them that I was going to be ok!  It was in my season of loss that I found my faith AND what my true passion was…SEWING and FASHION! 

You know the saying that when you look good…you feel good??!! …YES that was me!!  I always had a love for fashion but…after having children…I fell off a good bit… and of course…HELLOoooo!!  Divorced mom here!!!  There was that tight budget again!!! I began repurposing items and making things that were unique and different from the typical department store wares. I would still struggle to find nice handbags and accessories for special events because I wanted the nice, quality designer look WITHOUT the high-end designer price tag…AND...I wanted it versatile enough that I could use it more than just once!! That was hard to find…Sooooo…I created my own!! I've repurposed jackets, denim, and even luxurious designer fur coats into high quality handbags for clients. I took my personal journey of healing and self discovery to rekindle my love for all things fashion which eventually led to me rebranding my business.  I design and create 100% handmade statement bags, leather accessories, and garments for the person that wants a quality, stylish, and unique one of a kind product that they may not be able to locate elsewhere. I no longer limit myself and I'm ready for this next chapter.

Peace. Love. Pray. Create.